Yoga Therapy & Teaching

I am a trained yoga teacher have taught for over a decade. In the bay area, the main studios I taught at were Yoga Tree, Namaste, and Innerstellar. I am currently not teaching weekly classes because I am focusing exclusively on my psychotherapy work. However, my deep knowledge of and love for yoga informs my work and can be weaved into therapy.

Yoga Therapy

For people with an existing yoga practice or curiosity about either yoga or living more in their bodies, this technique provides the combination of talk therapy, breath work, and physical postures to deepen the healing work. The foundation of this work is still psychotherapy, however, we work with the body as appropriate.

Yoga and Healing Workshops, Groups, and Retreats

I’ve lead many workshops and weekend long retreats combining healing themes with yoga. If you are interested in being informed the next time there is a yoga and healing retreat, please contact me and I will add your name to my list.

Previous themes of retreats have included:

  • Healing through the life cycle
  • Yoga and Creativity
  • Blues to Bliss: Celebrating the spectrum of feeling
  • Role Call: Exploring inner parts
  • Attraction and Polarity: Exploring masculinity and femininity