Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is the process of exploring all of the different parts of you, the ones you know well and the ones you’ve hidden, sure they were wrong or unworthy. Through attending to these inner parts and learning how to support them, you can create an integrated sense of wholeness. You CAN live knowing that you are STRONG enough to take care of all of your needs and feelings, thus manifesting relationships and endeavors from this empowered place of self trust.

Through being curious about your unique experience of life, and allowing it, growth is organic and change and healing happen with ease.

My Specialties include working with:

  • Lacking self acceptance, and self love.
  • Feeling fragmented or disintegrated.
  • Dissatisfaction with relationships. (intimate, family of origin, and friends)
  • Pain associated from the truths of loss, change, and the unknown.
  • Desire for more aliveness in and connection to your body.
  • Feeling Depression (deadness, numbness, and stuck-ness)
  • Feeling Anxiety (chronic stress, fear, and worry)
  • Suffering with addictions, and maladaptive coping mechanisms.
  • Feeling misaligned with your work, relationship, or a general lack of meaning in your life.