Couples Therapy/Pre-Marital Therapy

Let’s face it: Being in a relationship is hard. This is because nothing catalyzes healing like partnership. Through relationship, our deepest wounds are triggered, those from our first love relationships (with our primary caregivers) Partners’ old child-like strategies to get their needs met collide, creating conflict and two unsatisfied people who are neither meeting their own needs nor each other’s. In the supportive context of couples therapy, a relationship can be reconfigured and strengthened to support two healthy adults taking care of themselves, listening, communicating, and even having conflict effectively and lovingly. Through this work, both individuals become more truly who they are and learn how to better show up for themselves and their partner. A thriving, passionate, and loving relationship is created and supported.

Pre-Marital Counseling

When a couple decide they want to spend their lives together and enter into the institution of marriage, it is a beautiful and big decision.  Pre marital counseling can help you look at the sensitive areas of relationship and marriage to make sure that you are in resonance with each other and to set up yourself up for a smooth period of engagement and a prepared and successful marriage.  These areas include but aren’t limited to:  money, sex, role-expectations, child rearing, fidelity,  wedding preparations, and even divorce.  See BrideDoulas service page to see other ways that I support women and couples preparing for marriage.

Specific Couples Therapy skills


  • Learn the magic of empathy and responsiveness-keys of healthy communication.
  • Learn how to slow down patterns of conflict to create healing outcomes.
  • Uncover and heal family of origin wounds that keep partners operating inoutdated strategies.
  • Learn how to support yourself within the relationship and how to solicit yourpartner’s support in a successful way.
  • Discover greater vitality and aliveness in sexual dynamics.