Supporting the birth of Centered Brides and Prepared Wives

One of the great things about being a therapist is being able to use my own life experiences and the wisdom that they demand me to acquire to better support clients. Having just gotten married in 2012, I lived through and deeply studied what an intense transformational rite of passage that is the road to marriage.

Our culture, namely hollywood and fairy tales tell us that becoming engaged should be like winning the lottery, the blissful end goal, the last scene of the movie.  In actuality, an engagement is the beginning of  a huge journey.   Engagement, particularly while planning a wedding can be a scary, overwhelming time where brides deal with huge
amounts of stress and uncertainty.

When a bride allows herself to experience her full spectrum of emotions during the engagement instead of just focusing on flowers, photographers, and invitations, she is often flooded with mixed feelings as she is ultimately give up their single identity for that of a married wife.  She may feel intense pressure to look perfect, and create the perfect wedding.  Many wrestle with their fears and expectations about their wedding and marriage itself.  Weddings also notoriously surface complex family dynamics which can be time consuming at best and are often painful and delicate to manage.

This is a crucial time for a bride/wife-to-be to receive support and holding as she faces the stresses, fears, and growing pains that often accompany the excitement, love, and bliss of moving towards marriage.   BrideDoulas support the birth of centered brides and prepared wives.   I work in tandem with Sarai Shapiro, a powerful energy medicine worker who blends bodywork, Ayurvedic (Indian) medicine, and intuitive energetic reading to support the bride in embodying this powerful life transformation.

At the least, we recommend counseling with me for the Bride, often including her fiance.  However, ideally, we support the birth of brides through, counseling, bodywork with Sarai, and ritual that we create either for just the bride or for the bride and her community.

By working with BrideDoulas, women can expect to:

  • Understand and support themselves with their fears about marriage and married life.
  • Fine tune their and their fiances actual (versus inherited) vision of what marriage means and looks like.
  • Hone in on how to make the wedding an authentic expression of the couples love and entry into married life.
  • Honor the shift in identity, allowing both grief and excitement.
  • Cultivate the self-love, and self-knowing that makes being the Bride or Queen for the wedding day a comfortable and joyful experience.
  • Receive support and guidance on navigating family dynamics.
  • Decrease the chance of experiencing post wedding blues or shock once the wedding mania wears off and the marriage beings.
  • Be nourished, soothed, lavished, and held on this powerful rite of passage.

If women only want to do the counseling with me and not the body work and ritual pieces, the prices are consistent with my therapy prices.  For women wanting the full package, our basic package is below and we can tailor packages to women’s particular desires and needs.

Minimal Package

1 2-hour consultation/need assessment/guided visioning/intention setting process
3 1-hour counseling sessions (1 may be with the fiance)
2 1.5-hour sessions with Sarai (either both body work or 1 could be a lifestyle/health
1 Monthly 20 minute phone check in.

Total: $750

Standard Package

1 2-hour consultation/need assessment/ visioning/intention setting process
4 1-hour counseling sessions (2 with the fiance)
2 1.5-hour sessions bodywork sessions with Sarai
1 lifestyle/health assessment sessions
1 wedding style consultation or vow support consultation
1 bi weekly 20 minute phone check in.

Total: $1250

Ritual Support:

We are able to support you in creating a meaningful “bridal shower,” in the form of a half-day, day long, or weekend long retreat for you and your closest women friends and family.  This is a deeply supportive process as you as you step towards marriage… being witnessed, supported, and blessed to marry yourself so that you can truly step into marriage with another as a whole person.  Inquire for more details.

Sarai Shapiro:

is a healer primarily working in the realm of energy medicine using her background in acupressure, shamanic, ayurvedic, and herbal medicine to support the life-journeys of girls and women.  Sarai works with plant, animal, and angelic guides to reveal and heal energetic imbalances that may show up in your life as physical, emotional, or spiritual challenges.  In your journey towards marriage allow Sarai to help prepare your body and spirit for this amazing life-passage and transition!