How Individual Therapy Works:

Individual therapy is the process of exploring & healing yourself. Through the safe container we create, you will find and create a relationship with the parts of you that are wounded and need support. You will learn how to work with your painful emotions which helps you heal your backlog of unprocessed pain and trauma and gain the skills to recover your baseline no matter what life throws at you. You will develop self awareness, understanding, and most importantly love. You will find your inner agency to craft a life you love and you will have the possibility to build and live with emotional resilience: the new happy. 

I suggest weekly therapy for at least a couple months and then less frequency is often appropriate.

My fee is $220 and I do not work up front with any insurance provider panel though if they reimburse for an out of network practitioner, I can provide a superbill monthly.

My Specialties include working with:

Lacking self acceptance,
and self love.

Desire for more aliveness in and connection to your body.

Suffering with addictions, and
maladaptive coping mechanisms.

Feeling fragmented
or disintegrated.

Feeling Depression (deadness,
numbness, and stuck-ness).

Dissatisfaction with relationships. (intimate, family of origin, and friends).

Feeling anxiety
(chronic stress, fear, & worry).

Pain associated from loss, change,
and fear of the unknown.

Feeling misaligned with your work, relationship, or a general lack of meaning in your life.