I have been walking, breathing, and living the healing path from a young age. Through a tragedy at age 14, I was faced with devastation and loss, which greatly altered what may have been age appropriate development. Instead of being wrapped up in normal high school dramas, I was focusing on surviving, healing, and eventually on facilitating the healing journey for others.

By age 18, after a few profound years of psychotherapy and living, I had healed and reclaimed parts of myself, and awakened to the psychological and spiritual healing journey which continues and has shaped the rest of my life. I had been to the dark side, where I was numb and dead to my own feelings for good reason, and had come home again to my body and my emotions. I knew both sides, and saw clearly that my work in this life is to walk along side people courageously traveling this road from numbness and fear to aliveness, truth, and Love.

I focused my dedication to healing through the serious study of the Eastern healing practices. I studied Eastern Religions as an Undergraduate, spending a year in Nepal and India, focusing specifically on yoga and meditation and their affect on healing. My love of these practices and understanding of the relationship between the physical body and the emotions led me to be trained as a yoga teacher by Ana Forrest, a fellow healing warrior, in 2002. Since this time, I have been catalyzing physical and emotional healing professionally as a yoga teacher and healing workshop facilitator. I have led hundreds of yoga classes, and dozens of workshops and retreats integrating the physical practice with psychological healing and creativity.

I began my professional training in psychotherapy at the California Institute of Integral Studies in 2004. I have worked in many capacities since this training. I have seen clients through private practice since 2006, specializing in individuals and couples. I have also worked extensively with youth on probation and youth at risk of losing their home placement through the Seneca Center. This type of work has brought me experience in short term, goal oriented, cognitive behavioral and behavior modification approaches to therapy.

I describe my work as experiential because we will be focusing on exploring your experience being alive and in your body and life. I am trained in Gestalt therapy, and work Somatically, greatly respecting the wisdom and simple truths the body provides.

As a therapist, I trust each client’s innate wisdom and ability to regulate and pace his or her own therapeutic journey. I combine my knowledge and experience of modern psychotherapy practices with my wisdom and training in present centered embodiment that comes through meditation and yoga practices. I artfully weave psychological skills and techniques with spontaneous creativity into the healing relationship that we will cultivate together. Our therapy together will be unique, the alchemy of your needs and strengths with my professional and personal commitment to holding and catalyzing your healing journey.

Qualifications and Affiliations