HarbinCenterIf you’ve visited Harbin Hot Springs, the retreat center north of Napa’s historic wine country, up the winding road on Mount St. Helena, you’ve likely felt that magical, compelling … something. This ineffable feeling is what brings 70,000–100,000 guests annually and catalyzes many to take up long-term residence in the community that has built up around the healing springs. (read more…)

My love affair with the front row started my freshman year of college when one of my favorite bands, Phish played on my campus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison literally eye shot of my dorm room. Just twenty four hours before the show, I was informed by a friend that the band members were eating at the local burger/wing joint blocks away from my dorm. My best friend and I quickly ran to meet them, (after applying a fresh layer of sparkles to our face.) There they were eating nachos. Trey Anastasio,the front man guitar genius flirted with my friend and I praised them for playing the obscure Pink Floyd song Bike at a recent show. After the awkward banter between teenage girls and their rock star super heros died down, we snapped some photos and left. (read more…)

Have you ever felt the sudden desire to scream seemingly emerging from the front of your psoas during a deep lunge? Have you ever contentedly descended into that well earned pigeon pose closing your practice only to find a slow and steady trickle of sadness rise from your outer hip and remain on your mat in a pool of tears. Perhaps the tears were accompanied by a memory or story. But likely there was no logical or rational explanation for the release. Intellectually contextualized or not, you most likely felt lighter and more free leaving yoga class after releasing these emotions. (read more…)

So, Do you have a date for Valentine’s Day? Are you celebrating an enduring, stable, and deepening love over dinner and wine? Are you checking your cell phone periodically, waiting a new crush’s invitation to drinks? Or are you banishing the holiday, Hallmark, and the whole consumer based societal “should” to be in love in the first place. Quite a few people fall into that last category for plenty of valid reasons: (read more…)

“Summer Lovin, had me a blast. Summer Lovin. Happened so Fast.” You know the song and perhaps the experience. It’s summertime-everyone’s wearing less clothes, (except maybe in San Francisco’s foggy micro climates) and there are fun festivals and outside adventures happening when. . . Bam-you meet a special someone. Imagine what follows. (read more…)